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What you should know before scheduling an eyelash extensions appointment with us

Patch test

The patch test isn't required no-more but if you feel that your skin is sensitive then we recommend to take a patch test 24 hours prior to appointment.

The difference between eyelashes styles

Eyelash extension styles vary based on length, volume, and pattern.

The right style can accentuate the client's natural eye shape and meet their desired level of drama or subtlety.

Here's a breakdown of the most popular eyelash extension styles:

1. Classic (1:1 Technique)

  • Description: One extension is applied to one natural lash.

  • Effect: Adds length and some volume, but maintains a more natural look.

2. Volume (2D to 6D or Russian Volume)

  • Description: Multiple thinner extensions (from 2 to 6) are made into a fan shape and applied to a single natural lash.

  • Effect: Gives a fuller, fluffier look, adding significant volume.

3. Mega Volume

  • Description: An advanced volume technique where 6 or more extremely thin lash extensions are applied to every natural lash.

  • Effect: Extremely dense and dramatic; the fluffiest lash look available.

4. Hybrid

  • Description: A combination of classic and volume techniques.

  • Effect: Offers a balanced look – voluminous but not overly dramatic. Adds texture.

5. Wispy

  • Description: Extensions of varying lengths are applied, giving the appearance of a staggered, textured look.

  • Effect: Resembles the look of mascara or strip lashes, which gives some lashes more prominence.

6. Textured or Kardashian

  • Description: Alternating long and short extensions across the lash line.

  • Effect: A textured and layered look, offering a more glamorous, high-drama effect.

7. Cat Eye

  • Description: Shorter extensions are applied in the inner corner, and longer extensions are used on the outer edges.

  • Effect: A sultry look that elongates the eyes.

8. Doll Eye (Open Eye)

  • Description: Longer extensions are placed in the middle of the eye.

  • Effect: Makes the eyes appear larger and rounder, offering a more open and youthful appearance.

9. Natural Eye

  • Description: Extensions follow the natural shape of the client's eyes, slightly increasing in length towards the outer edge.

  • Effect: Provides a subtle, uplifted look, enhancing the natural curve of the eyes.

10. Squirrel

  • Description: A combination of Cat Eye and Doll Eye. Longer lashes are placed at the center and outer corners.

  • Effect: Lifts and elongates the eyes, providing a unique and playful look.

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